’m a great admirer of Marilyn Monroe I think she was a great actress. I do not consider myself to be a good actress but I like performing, and one of my future aspirations is to make an action movie like my heroe Bruce Lee.
When I write music I’m always thinking about how it will look visually. I enjoy working in front of the camera but I like working behind it too. My interests in filmmaking started when I was about twenty. I made a number of short music videos, where I was in charge of the entire production process. This was my first taste of real filmmaking. I enjoyed having full control of my video projects.
This encouraged me to make more videos. I began to experiment with other methods like using
animation on some of my music videos. It was a learning process for me but I enloyed the experience. I prefer animation to live action. South Park is my favourite animation at the moment I like the simplicity of the artwork.
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Laugh Out Loud. 2010
Made for Love. 2009
Too late to cry. 2007
Follow me. 2007
Inside the rain. 2007
I can die for you. 2007