come from a literal family.
My Aunt is a successful novelist and has written and published a volume of books, in Russia. My interest in literature stems from my childhood. I find writing very liberating, I have always written. Writing for me began before music and art.
My writing is mostly personal and related to me. Poetry has been my window to the world around me.
In school I read and studied accomplished Russian poets like, Pushkin, Esenin, Block and Axmatova whose works I found most inspiring. I have written and published three of my own poetry books.
I have written hundreds of poems mainly in Russian. I began to write in English when I arrived in England. I find writing poetry, an escape for me, my writing is mostly spontaneous. Writing comes easy for me. I mainly write when I’m on long joopurneys.
The poems I write are about me, and my personal experiences. Poetry has
given me the freedom I need to express myself. I find that by writing down my thoughts I'm able not to think about them any more. Poetry is the out lead to my emotions. I write mainly about sad, and lonely things this theme is expressed in my song lyrics as well and is reflected in my music too.