believe music is the language of the world”
I am a trained pianist, and I have spent more than twenty years of my life in music. By the age of fourteen I formed my own Rock band under the influence of "Queen" with Freddie Mercury. I had my first concert and it was a success. Soon after I was invited to perform at number of gigs.
I was becoming more and more popular as an artist across Russia; and I was developing as a musician. The popularity brought a lot of publicity for me and pretty soon I was well known. I had a lot attention from television networks and the media. This was a very exciting time in my life. But I felt I needed something more. I wanted to be an international star and so I left for England. In the beginning the language barrier was a problem for me. But I perspired to make my music heard.
I can play various types of instruments all self-taught I have played the guitar, the violin, the trumpet and the drums. I have been interested in composing music from childhood I find making my own music more rewarding than playing other people’s music. Jim Morrison from the 'Doors' has been my greatest inspiration. My taste in music various a lot from Jazz to Rock, from Rap to Pop and so on. Miles Davies is a wonderful trumpet player. I was introduced to the trumpet through his music. My mother bought me my first guitar, which I learned to play through watching my older friends.
At twenty-two, I was still in a Rock band, the rock star lifestyle had lead me to some undesirable characters. They introduced me to recreational drugs but luckily I was able to overcome this existence before it became serious. During this low point in my life music kept me busy and positive. I have written a lot of songs, most reflect the sad moments in my life. I write from experience. I feel music is apart of me. It runs deep inside me. I am still ambitious about music I believe my best song is not yet written.