rt in motion”
Boxing has been a journey for me. It is not something, which I had originally chosen to do as a career choice but I have grown to enjoy it. I stumbled into boxing quite my accident at the age of twenty-five I was going through a tough period in my life. Boxing helped me to escape from my troubles. It was a great therapy for me at that time. It was the only thing to keep me motivated and
over the years I have stuck to it and worked very hard at it. In the early years my sparring partners were mainly male, three times bigger and stronger than me. it was tough but I kept at it. I learned a lot during that time. I learned to think as a boxer I feel this has made me into a better fighter. Over the years I have watched a number of great boxer. I have mostly been influenced by Naseem Hamed and Roy Jones Jr.
Boxing has made the opportunity of travel possible for me. It is a wonderful experience. I have been to countrys which I wouldn't ordinary chosen to visit. I have been to Italy,
Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland and so on. They are great countrys, I have met so many great people. I feel very privileged. Boxing is an art for me I see the 'Ring' as a stage, a performance platform for self-expression. You have to be a bit of an actor when it comes to boxing.
It requires the performer to take on a different personnel. I had no aspirations of becoming a professional boxer but with the support and encouragement from Clinton McKenzie (my stepfather) I realised something, which I would otherwise not have thought about by becoming a professional female boxer. I’m the only one of a handful of female boxers in the UK representing England on a professional female boxing stage. I wish to stay in boxing for as long as possible. I want to make professional female boxing more attractive and for it to gain as much recognition as male boxing has.