y dream was to become a Rock Star
I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1978. My parents separated when I was little. I was raised in a middle class family; an all female household. My Mother was a Physics Engineer and My Father was an Astronomist, well known in for his work on ‘black holes,’ he was a pioneer in this field
in Russia. In school my favourite subjects were literature and physical education. I studied at the University of
Culture. I spent four years there reading Theatre and Performance in Russia. In school my favourite subjects were literature and physical education. I studied at the University of Culture. I spent four years there readingfgf Theatre and Performance. I then went on to study Anatomy for two years, as most of my family members were medics I thought this would be a natural move for me but the course wasn't to my liking so I left.
Some members of my family tend to think that I resemble my Grandfather.He was a Professor of History and when he died he left me a large books collection on art. I think I must have been introduced to art through his book. I don't know very much about my Grandfather but I am very fond of him.
I spent a lot of my teenage years running marathons, it was one of my childhood past times. It was a great time for me back then. I had always wanted to be different from other people. My dreams were to become a Rock Star. I achieved this when I formed a Rock band, named ‘Atas’, the band was successful and known all over Russia. It run for twelve years but with different members each time. In 1997 for I moved to England. I like England, it has become my new home. I worked for a period as a carpenter, but my enthusiasm for music still remained strong. I tried to restablish my music career for a number of years. I carried on recording my music in my own studio in Brixton. But English not being my first language, it was very hard to gather ground. I wrote and painted so much during this time more than in any other time in my life.
Being alone in a foreign country helped me to explore my full creative potential. I felt very isolated, its only through art and music was I truly able to express myself. In 1998, I was involved in a BMX accident. I tore a number of ligaments in both my legs. This was a very scary time in my life. I thought I would never walk again. Within a space of two years, I'd had five operations to improve my legs. Since I was always an active child thought of being stuck in a wheel chair was not something I was willing to except.
After surgery I began to weight train as a way of strengthening the muscles in my legs. And after about a year I was able to regain my mobility once more, but the accident had taken its toll on me. I had gained a lot of weight during this time and I needed something to get me fit again. I tried involving myself in a number of actives but nothing worked for me. My self-image had reached rock bottom. I was living a lonely existence. It was only when I discovered 'boxiercise' a workout, using traditional boxing methods; was I brought back to life. It was what I needed. Boxing helped me a lot. I lost so much weight in a short period. I was able to regain myself esteem back. I enjoyed boxing, it was the only thing that kept me active. Boxing filled the void in my life. I soon took up boxing full time. I was becoming very good at it and in February 2006, I made my profession boxing debut. My crave for fitness has lead me to becoming a fitness
instructor. I work at a boxing gym. This has helps me to stay focus on my boxing ambitions and it has given me the opportunity to help others in accomplishing their goals of become healthier and fitter.
2009 - was a big year for me I've become a celebrity from a reality TV show Big Brother 10.