he world lacks colour”
Over the years I have created a number of paintings some of which are in private galleries across Europe. I have had a few exhibitions under the subheadings of "Brothers of heaven" and "All people are angels but not all angels are people". The main subject for my paintings is the human body. The human body has always fascinated me. I like the shapes and curves and
the muscle tones. I tend to draw on most of my subject matters in peck physical condition.I guess this has to do with my obsession for fitness. Artists like Dali and Michaelangelo have truly inspired me. When it comes to drawing the human body, his subject matters are not dissimilar to mine.
Painting for me is like a dream a drift from reality. I favour oil paintings in particular; Dali's
paintings are full of life, so much light and colour which fills up the entire canvas, the layer upon layer of different shads of colour, texture and shapes that collide to form a picture is amazing.
But not all colour mixtures are ever the same. This is what makes painting so wonderful. I like to experiment with colour. I feel like the world lacks colour. Its only in my paintings can I truly explore colour. Some of my paints take me weeks to complete. I am partly self-taught.

When I was little my mother enrolled me to some art lesiartons but over time I have developed my own unique style. I try to add a bit of me in each painting that I do. My painting technique is pretty physically demanding, it requires strong hands and pin point precision. Most things are here to day and gone tomorrow I believe Art is different from other things, art last forever. I hope my work will still be remembered hundreds of years from now. I scalp as well and I have made a few scalptures, and some pastel art. My pastel art is mostly done while travelling.
I have always been a romantic when it comes to profiting from my creativity. I have never really thought about money. I have always created for pleasure. Most of my paintings have been for non-profit. I use painting as a form of self-expression, and relaxation. I like to paint it takes me

away. There was a period of five years when I stopped painting I thought I had done enough but until quite resent when I resumed my painting, have I realised that there is still a lot of work left in me. Painting is an activity which I have and will always turn back to from time to time. In general I feel like Art is a part of me..